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    About us

    In our range you will find meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. When you are out in nature, you need food and drink just as usual, but you need more energy when you are physically active. Our products work whether you want to hunt, fish, hike, bike, paddle or just experience nature close up.

    A wide range of freeze-dried dishes and meals ready to eat-dishes (MRE)
    In 24 Hour Meals assortment you will find both freeze-dried dishes and MRE in wet pouches. Those who want to save weight and have access to fresh water can choose freeze-dried dishes. For those who are not limited to a certain weight, or having limited access to fresh water, our MRE's fit perfectly.

    Suitable for Armed Forces, individuals and adventurers
    24 Hour Meals products are used by many around the world. Through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, NSPA, we deliver combat rations to several countries defense forces. We deliver rations for emergency workers and military in disaster areas. Our products are packed with month-long expeditions with adventurers and in the backpack on day trips. With a wide range of good meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner there is a dish that suits everyone regardless of the challenge.

    Did you know that
    All products are developed with our Swedish soldiers in focus. The dishes and energy products should be easy to carry and eat outdoors. They should have the right energy content to keep focus and fill the depots. All products should taste really good. A soldier is not picky but is worth the best.

    Have a nice meal!