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    Choose 24 Hour Meals Freeze-dried Dishes to minimize the weight of the backpack.
    Our freeze-dried meals suits you who want to minimize the weight of the backpack and have access to fresh water.
    24 Hour Meals Freeze-dried dishes are prepared easily by pouring fresh water directly into the bag. The temperature of the water determines how long it takes for the food to be ready.

    Preparation time

    - Boiling water: approx. 10 min
    - Hot water from thermos: approx. 15 min
    - Cold water: up to 40 min

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

    In the 24 Hour Meals freeze dried range from Blue Band you will find meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The freeze dried main courses are just as good for lunch as dinner.

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    Apple cinnamon porridge

    50,00 kr incl tax
    Weight: 131 g

    Couscous with chili spiced vegetables

    85,00 kr incl tax
    Weight: 151 g

    Rice pudding with raspberries

    50,00 kr incl tax
    Vikt: 144 g

    Mixed flakes with fruit

    50,00 kr incl tax
    Vikt: 152 g


    85,00 kr incl tax
    Vikt: 142 g

    Rice pudding with strawberries

    50,00 kr incl tax
    Vikt: 145 g