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    Menu 6 - Reference number F406

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    Net weight 1200 g
    Energy kJ/kcal 20528/4905
    Fat 186 g
    - of which saturated fat 84 g
    Carbohydrates 582 g
    - of which sugars 193 g
    Protein 191 g
    Salt 21 g
    Fiber 38 g


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    Oat porridge with chocolate & banana 1 pc
    Couscous with chili spiced vegetables 1 pc
    Pasta with cheese and broccoli 1 pc
    Wilderness stew with rice 1 pc
    Tuna lime and pepper 1 pc
    Tortillas 1 pc
    Lemon cake 1 pc
    Salted peanuts 1 pc
    Cashew sea salt 1 pc
    24 Hour Meals Protein bar chocolate 1 pc
    24 Hour Meals Protein bar Raspberry 1 pc
    Egg white powder with raspberry flavour 1 pc
    Isotonic energy drink Orange 1 pc
    Isotonic energy drink Grapefruit 1 pc
    Isotonic energy drink Exotic 1 pc
    Cocoa flavoured drink 1 pc
    Chewing gum Eucalyptus 1 pc
    Chewing gum Peppermint 1 pc
    Chewing gum Spearmint 1 pc
    Damp napkin 4 pcs
    Instant coffee 3 pcs
    Plastic spoon (hygiene packed) 1 pc