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  • Produktblad i pdf format

Produktblad i pdf format

Produktblad i pdf format

24 hour meal apple

24 hour meal energybar chocolate crisp

24 hour meal energybar coconut

24 hour meal energybar cranberry

24 hour meal energybar licorice

24 hour meal energybar rasberry

24 hour meal energybar salted caramel

24 hour meal proteinbar banana chocolate

24 hour meal proteinbar caramel

24 hour meal proteinbar mint chocolate

24H Whey protein chocolate fudge

24H Whey protein mango orange

24H Whey protein salted caramel

24H Whey protein wild strawberry

7227 - Indian chicken stew

7228 - Skinnarmos Pasta Carbonara

7233 - Thai chicken with rice and vegetables

7240 - Creamy pasta with chicken

7241 - Taco stew

7243 - Mediterranean pasta with chicken

7244 - Pasta with tomato and garlic

7245 - Oriental chicken with couscous

7246 - Couscous with chili spiced vegetables

7260 - Äggvitepulverportion_päron

7261 - Äggvitepulverportion_hallon

7262 - Äggvitepulverportion_kladdkaka

7263 - Äggvitepulverportion_saltkola

7272 - Fruit porridge with rye flakes

7601 - Rice with asparagus and chicken

7623 - Crunchy Granola milk coconut

7624 - Crunchy Granola apple cinnamon

7626 - Oat Porridge with Mango and Coconut

7627 - Oat Porridge with Chocolate and Banana

7651 - Pasta Bolognese

7652 - Goulash

7653 - Wilderness stew with rice

7696 - Pasta with cheese and broccoli

7697 - Rice pudding with strawberries

7819 - Chili sin carne with kidney beans

7820 - Swedish meatballs with creamy potatoes

7821 - Thai chicken with coconut taste

7822 - Chicken curry with rice

7823 - Chicken meatballs with spicy tomato

7824 - Mexican casserole with lentils and potatoes

7829 - Rice pudding with vanilla

7830 - Rice pudding cinnamon cardamom

7831 - Wheat porridge with vanilla taste

7832 - Wheat porridge with apple and mango

7861 - Stroganoff with rice and mushroom

7862 - Kebab stew with corn

7863 - Smoky stew with potatoes and lentils

7864 - Currywurst with potatoes

7865 - Pasta Carbonara with cheese

7866 - Buckwheat porridge coconut pumpkin

7867 - Chicken and Seafood Paella

Banana Chips

Beef soup

Biscuit Brown

Biscuit Cheese

Blueberry porridge

333 - Bluecan

Cereal Bar with Choco Orange flavour

Cereal Bar with Cookies and Cream flavour

Cherry in dark chocolate

Chewing gum with Peppermint flavour

Chewing gum with Spearmint flavour

Chewing gum with X-tra mint flavour

Chicken Korma with Potatoes (Wernsing)

Chicken Masala with Rice

Chicken Panang with Potato

Chicken Rogan Josh with Rice (Thailand)

Chicken Sweet and Sour Pasta (Thailand)

Chickpea crisp bread 50g

Chili Con Carne

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate peanuts dark

Digestive Biscuit

Dried Cranberry

Farmhouse Paté (Ardennes Paté)

Flameless Ration heater

Freeze dried Colombian coffee

Fruit Biscuit

Fruit Muesli with Strawberries (1125048)

General Specification

Gooseberry in dark chocolate

Granola Muesli with Chocolate

H24 isotonic black currant

H24 isotonic pineapple

H24 mealdrink pineapple


Isotonic drinking powder - Black currant flavour

Isotonic drinking powder - Forest Fruit flavour

Isotonic drinking powder - Pineapple flavour

Lemon Cake

Mashed Potatoes with Smoked Ham

Mashed Potatoes with Vegetables

Meatballs with Pasta

Mexican style Tuna Pasta

Orange Cake

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta with Cheese

Pasta with Herb sauce

Peanut Butter

Protein Chocolate Muesli

Risotto with Mushrooms

Roasted and salted Cashew

Roasted and salted Peanuts

Semolina Stew

Strawberry porridge

Tomato soup

Tortilla bread (1630058)

Tuna Chili Pasta

Vegetarian Bean Pasta

Vegetarian Masala

Veggieballs with Pasta

Wet wipe

Wooden spoon